EP7: iPad Pro

Welcome to Episode 7 of Unpacking iOS. In this episode I am taking a look at Apple’s iPad lineup and thinking about the role of the iPad Pro? Who exactly needs and iPad Pro and what advantages does it have over the other iPad models?

Blog post: What Can You Do on an iPad Pro? Worth the Upgrade?

Links from this episode:

Writing Apps: – Drafts – Ulysses – Microsoft Word – Scrivener – GoodNotes – Notability – OneNote – Evernote

Artistic Apps: – Procreate – Affinity Designer – Autodesk SketchBook – Concepts – Adobe Illustrator Draw

Photography Apps: – Affinity Photo – Pixelmator – Snapseed – Lightroom – Darkroom

Videographer Apps – iMovie – LumaFusion – Splice – FiLMiC Pro

Musical Apps: – Garageband – Blocs Wave – Minimoog – AudioShare – Reason Compact – Launchpad – Tize – Auxy

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Music: Jahzzar (betterwithmusic.com) CC BY-SA

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