EP12: Manage Notifications

Welcome to Unpacking iOS. My name is Jonathan Wylie, and this week’s episode is all about notifications and how to manage them so you only get the ones you want … so, let’s start unpacking. 

Right now, it’s the middle of summer and people are either on vacation or they have vacations coming up in the next few weeks. This is exactly the time that people start to think about turning off notifications on their iPhones and iPads so that they can disconnect for a while and take a break from work. It’s easier said than done, but it’s a great time to review the notifications on your devices and make sure that you are only getting the ones you need.

Every time you install new apps, you often unwittingly add to your notification count because the first time you launch the app you get that pop-up requesting permission to send you notifications and I don’t know about you, but I’m never 100% sure what to do, but it looks like a promising app, why else would you download it, so we tend to give it the benefit of the doubt and allow it to send you notifications. Over time, this adds up, and it adds up a lot.

Time for an intervention. Time to take control of the notifications on your devices. Chances are, you get far more than you think you do. In fact, if you have screen time turned on, you can see exactly how many notifications you get each day by going to Settings > Screen Time, and tapping on the name of your device. This screen tells you which apps you use most, how many times you pick up your device, and yes, the total number of notifications you get each day.

If that number seems high, well, don’t worry. Help is at hand. There are settings in iOS that will let you fine tune the notifications you want to get and disable the ones you don’t want to get, and that’s what we are looking at in this episode. 

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One thought on “EP12: Manage Notifications

  1. Great podcast! You definitely have a point about turning off notifications. It’s really great to get a break from the constant stimuli for awhile.


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