EP13: Second Display

Welcome to Unpacking iOS. My name is Jonathan Wylie, and this week’s episode is dedicated to some of the different ways that you can use your iPad as a second display … so, let’s start unpacking.

You don’t need to be a productivity guru to take advantage of a two screen setup on your desk. The extra real estate is good for everyone and gives you more options for how you want to work. While you could buy an extra monitor to meet this need, you can also just use your iPad. It has a great, high resolution screen and it’s small enough that you can throw it in a bag and continue working at a coffee shop.

You can use your iPad as a second display with Mac or Windows computers because there are apps for both platforms. Once installed, it is a simple as dragging the window you need to your tablet. You can use the keyboard and mouse on your computer to control the content in that window, while some apps will even allow you to use your Apple Pencil as well. Here’s how.

Blog post: How to Use an iPad as a Second Screen Display

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